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  1. Can repressed feelings cause cancer or...?
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  4. Proof that Trump was wire-tapped (surveilled)
  5. wealthy people get away w crime poor people rarely
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  7. my thoughts on Gorsuch hearings
  8. Digital Pamphleteering - Have free time and a device?
  9. Americans are too 3 Ss Soft, Spoiled Selfish
  10. Resistance Mass location in Langley B.C.?
  11. necessary knowledge for salvation?
  12. Rosary Rally this Saturday
  13. Nice guys finish last.. thugs rule
  14. I have renewed respect for Lindsey Graham (speech on the unborn)
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  18. The Jesus Prayer
  19. This should be anonymous
  20. Testing the new Anonymous subforum
  21. The sign we are looking for is the conversion of the Jews.
  22. choice in healthcare
  23. another scary thing about "obamacare Lite" rinocare?
  24. Is he Saint Marcell Lefebvre?
  25. how did the term Rabbi transition into the word Priest?
  26. Makers versus (entitlement) Takers..
  27. Masons are against the dignity of females (misogynists)
  28. Mystery of Iniquity
  29. Anti Catholic Media.
  30. Will catholic schools (w taxpayers ) be forced to give up catholic valu
  31. New healthcare bill only saves 8 to 10
  32. If your foot causes you to stumble, cut it off and cast it
  33. What is Hell like?
  34. Who will get the lowest, most painful spot in Hell?
  35. what common human behavior do you hate the most?
  36. does IQ really mean much? SAT scores?
  37. trad masses in USA
  38. Dana Loesch.. best comments RE new healthcare bill
  39. PMs and Missing Messages
  40. Does Bell Curve book say Whites are superior?
  41. Fr. Pfeiffer how does he get Holy Oils?
  42. Any forum members here go to OF Mass?
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  44. The Oreination and Consecration prayers of the new rites...
  45. How many children do you have?
  46. Feeding Tube
  47. Catholic Version of Watters World
  48. Moslems volunteer to protect Synagues
  49. Theres no such thing as "being gay"
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