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  1. TRADITIO reader attacks Bishop Fellay
  2. Muslims are taking too paying jobs away from Americans
  3. should Trump fire all the idiot "holdovers" from the last admin? (leaks)
  4. Turkey an ally to USA?
  5. famous person drove miles 2 go 2 traditional Mass: Scalia
  6. I love Trump
  7. Why does the Vatican Listen to anti-Catholic, anti-life writers?
  8. both D and R hypocricy
  9. the Dems are preaching to us (!!) about WHAT?! Ethics??! Youre kidding?
  10. Were the Magi from India?
  11. Pizzagate continues.
  12. domestic violencemurder.. Nicole Brown (simpson)
  13. Lets all remain as we are? Even the SSPX laity?
  14. The list of liberal lies seems endless but heres a start
  15. Sessions says "new day for justice"
  16. I feel I dont deserve to be alive
  17. How is Trump doing so far?
  18. preternatural Bible changes
  19. The Dems are self-destructing
  20. Tell the Moslems to go home and protest there..
  21. Trump: ... you think our country is so innocent?
  22. Leaving the Catholic Church
  23. Grown Child Announces Agnosticism
  24. Justice or Mercy-- which one do you choose for this person?
  25. MSNBC
  26. Hillary melt-down after unacceptable election results
  27. You can tell a person by his her enemies (Trump enemies)
  28. If this plan could make society better but 80 didnt want it..
  29. go to march DC for LIFE on Friday
  30. woman kicked off plane for anti-Trump rant
  31. are there any careers a Catholic woman could do?
  32. Cartwright should use what I call "Hillary defense"
  33. Wife consistently refuses the marriage debt
  34. Marco Rubios comment on Tillerson makes NO sense
  35. It is not Blacks who are hated.. but the poor
  36. Why are gays so proud of being gay? dont get it
  37. This is neat
  38. Inequality is not just a D talking point
  39. who is the most evil priest youve ever knownheard about?
  40. confirmation hearings other such issues for Americans
  41. Traditional Catholic forums that have shut down mysteriously
  42. What problems have you had being Catholic?
  43. this sounds sexist? But men dont seem to love--
  44. Horrible Christmas family gathering
  45. Traditionalists: explain why you reject novus ordo Mass
  46. congress should completely null and void Obamas entire presidency
  47. Feeling alone
  48. How many adults do you think are saved?
  49. Cardinal Giovanni Todiso"
  50. Can you cheer me up? Im a little down