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  1. choice in healthcare
  2. another scary thing about "obamacare Lite" rinocare?
  3. how did the term Rabbi transition into the word Priest?
  4. Makers versus (entitlement) Takers..
  5. Masons are against the dignity of females (misogynists)
  6. Mystery of Iniquity
  7. Anti Catholic Media.
  8. Will catholic schools (w taxpayers ) be forced to give up catholic valu
  9. New healthcare bill only saves 8 to 10
  10. If your foot causes you to stumble, cut it off and cast it
  11. Who will get the lowest, most painful spot in Hell?
  12. what common human behavior do you hate the most?
  13. does IQ really mean much? SAT scores?
  14. trad masses in USA
  15. Dana Loesch.. best comments RE new healthcare bill
  16. PMs and Missing Messages
  17. Does Bell Curve book say Whites are superior?
  18. Fr. Pfeiffer how does he get Holy Oils?
  19. Any forum members here go to OF Mass?
  20. Stand with Rand on new healthcare bill??
  21. The Oreination and Consecration prayers of the new rites...
  22. How many children do you have?
  23. Feeding Tube
  24. Catholic Version of Watters World
  25. Moslems volunteer to protect Synagues
  26. Theres no such thing as "being gay"
  27. Mean tweets Papa Francisco
  28. The Natural Cross
  29. Take heart, the Dems will be no more: they kill themselves off
  30. I can tell liberals from conservatives by looking them..really
  31. "most liberal of Obamas cabinet" gets DNC chairmanship
  32. Steve Bannon (h8ed by libs) is CATHOLIC.. disagrees w Pope F
  33. Why is the book of Sirach not in the Douay Rheims Bible???
  34. All of Islam is evil and false religion
  35. should there be an amendment to the Constitution banning Judaism and
  36. punish Flynn but let the lovely, lying Hillary get away with it??
  37. Im burnt out on news.. so much news never gets covered
  38. executive order to ban abortions (""emancipation proclamation")!
  39. I thought I hated all humanity.. until I saw this!
  40. Trumps travel ban in the Courts
  41. Vatican Pizzagate
  42. The Corruption of Innocent Children....
  43. A certain amount of Law should be taught to high schoolers
  44. Is Satan more in the Catholic Church than anywhere else?
  45. Sharia law coming to Canada
  46. St. Hubertus and St. Nepomuk
  47. TRADITIO reader attacks Bishop Fellay
  48. Muslims are taking too paying jobs away from Americans
  49. should Trump fire all the idiot "holdovers" from the last admin? (leaks)
  50. Turkey an ally to USA?