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  1. most common reason for people going to Hell
  2. Dimond claim that they fulfill the Benedictine prophecy of end times
  3. you can be Catholic but not Christian
  4. Our country does not seem so great in some ways
  5. Marrying in this day in age
  6. Bridgeton, NJ Farmer Needs Farm Workers
  7. Bridgeton, NJ Farmer Needs Farm Workers
  8. Mary appeared--and says that these days. more make it to Heaven
  9. what are your favorite words?
  10. what words do you hate? (dont have to have a valid reason, you just hate them)
  11. Information, please.
  12. once saved always saved? right
  13. South African Youth
  14. the danger of "freedom"
  15. List Reasons Why People Follow Heretical Clergy
  16. I miss O'Reilly.. probably not true about "sexual harassment"
  17. Has the pope committed the unforgivable sin? blashphemy against HS
  18. Wild pigs kill terrorists--unbelievable
  19. very cold weather in some parts of US.. so much for global warming
  20. Are dietary preferences a major source of discord in marriages?
  21. In a Catholic state, would there be Press freedom?
  22. Urgent prayer for newborn
  23. Hearts of the Children to their Fathers, and Hearts of the Fathers to their...
  24. Father Paul Nicholson
  25. Mohammed was a Pedophile
  26. POP Surgery During Childbearing Years
  27. hopelessly addicted
  28. SSPX South Africa
  29. Are Women Priestesses the future
  30. Trump is getting pretty hawkish (bombing in Afghanistan)
  31. If you could vote: would you depose the pope?
  32. Only about .01% of the population is a true Christian
  33. Have Most Priests Bought into this Once Saved Always Saved heresy?
  34. Brother and Sister Living Together
  35. A topic no politician ever brings up
  36. am I a phony Christian b/c I don't want to drive 200 miles to traditional Mass?
  37. Non-Americans do not have American rights...right?
  38. Do you agree w/ what Trump is doing in Syria? mixed feelings
  39. Prayers for mother requested, breast cancer at age 93
  40. Was Assad assumed innocent until proven... in a court of law? NO
  41. Guess who made the threats???
  42. US Tomahawk Missles in air against Syria. Let us pray.
  43. Republicans letting the liberals take over the Supreme Ct.
  44. Is it wrong to believe this about hell?
  45. Montessori Method is not Catholic
  46. Fish Fry
  47. Americans are too 3 Ss Soft, Spoiled Selfish
  48. you have to evangelize against liberalism
  49. Pope St. Leo XIII
  50. Is he Saint Marcell Lefebvre?