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  1. Facing Abandonment
  2. Sedevacantists and indefectability
  3. Do you ever get a feeling God wants you to do..? But you can't figure it out?
  4. Semi-transfigured flesh
  5. what sayings irritate you the most?
  6. What is the Catholic Obligation?
  7. collectio rituum
  8. Culpability
  9. Quiscumque
  10. Prolife group persecuted
  11. There are topics NO ONE talks about... I think that is WEIRD
  12. Priests You Have Take Care of Your House, No Cheap Servants in USA
  13. The Priests of Today... (sigh)
  14. Who is your favorite Cathinfo user to stalk?
  15. Red lighting, mass-missing is the remedy for modernism?
  16. Father Portugal
  17. How long should a Mass homily last?
  18. A Documentary That Puts Rape and Incest Arguments To Rest
  19. A Schizophrenic's Episode
  20. Have you ever argued w/ a priest? who won?
  21. who is the most Christian poster here...? LOL
  22. nobody says "Society is messed up" anymore but it is
  23. Does it disturb you that most people will end up in Hell?
  24. Saints that converted to Christianity
  25. Is there salvation outside the Catholic Church? Saints say No
  26. RIP , Father Jerome Romanowski
  27. Trads Denying Fatima
  28. Are NO confessions efficacious?
  29. Hollywood Pedophiles
  30. Protestants are not Christians?
  31. Is this Person likely going to Hell (just YOUR opinion)
  32. Exodus
  33. some people actually "want" to go to Hell!!!!!!
  34. Jesus does not judge?
  35. There are only about 100 true Christians in the world..
  36. Inquisitorially Incorrect & Gallileo Gallilei?
  37. Pedophile Comedy
  38. Watch Rome Reports on YouTube.
  39. caring too much what people think leads you to Hell
  40. Pistrina Liturgica and The Lay Pulpit?
  41. Hannity is being attacked
  42. Marry Him and Be Submissive
  43. What Jesus in the Real Presence "told me" about Trump
  44. Bigotry a sin?
  45. Another Sunday Home Alone
  46. Does Matthew know who the Anonymous posters are?
  47. conflicting feelings about being sedavacantist
  48. Do you know an Oklahoma SSPXer who could use a "live-in" housekeeper?
  49. Cohabitating family members
  50. What will happen if . . .