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  1. Farrakhan defends Jesus
  2. How to correct wife and children?
  3. Pervert Supreme court Ginsburg.
  4. Seductress Stilettos
  5. Lukewarm Catholics
  6. Divorce court took me away from my father, and destroyed my life?
  7. Obama
  8. hypothetical question
  9. American culture
  10. Haircovering long hair in Mass
  11. How long do you think we have left?
  12. What was the point..
  13. Feeling like there's no hope for me
  14. Is this appropriate for a chasuble?
  15. How often...
  16. Question about end times
  17. When someone tells you to ‘go to He**...
  18. Set up to fail?
  19. Families Amish like dress
  20. Why all the negative anti-women and anti-jew posts lately?
  21. do we need stricter gun control if not Australia-style gun confiscation?
  22. confessions
  23. Are Women Priestesses the future?
  24. Feminism Is Evil
  25. Ghosts/Demons in Hollywood
  26. What is Hell like?
  27. Why are liberals so self-righteous and sanctimonious..
  28. do you recognize Israel as legitimate?
  29. Question about Marriage
  30. Ghost Ship Full of Cannibal Rats Headed for Britain
  31. Prison population, by race
  32. Last Will and Testament
  33. Why religious liberty is necessary.
  34. Catholic Sisters fight Queers
  35. Jews are one of the country's wealthiest ethnic groups. Is this a problem?
  36. Will resistance bishops help Capuchins?
  37. Overwhelmed, About to be homeless, Alone
  38. what is the earliest age girls should veil at Mass?
  39. When did Satan's Battle on the Catholic Church officially begin?
  40. The Jesuits and world politics
  41. Flat Earth, Wow!
  42. Gay marriage
  43. Having Lots Of Kids If You Can
  44. Should I charge rent to my adult son?
  45. My granddaughter, age 7, may be considering transitioning to a boy
  46. Living with a parent forcing me to sin or encouraging it?
  47. Pope Pius X
  48. Obama and Russia
  49. For SSPX Priests - SSPX $ Charity
  50. Former St. Mary's SSPX Family Asks for Your $ to Leave Daily Duty