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  1. Baptism for children of non-practicing catholics
  2. Catholics will gather in November to confront novus ordo bishops
  3. Awesome video debunking White Guilt BS
  4. Tonite Feast of Assumption Mass
  5. Who Created God?
  6. Our Lady of Good Success
  7. Catholic Church receives federal money to relocate immigrants
  8. cant get to Traditional Mass--so..novus ordo Mass?
  9. Bad clergy
  10. Bring back Traditional Fashion & Design
  11. The Church is not a democacry
  12. New SSPX Mass Postures
  13. FBI (Democratic party )
  14. HELL IS REAL. Many bishops, cardinals, clergy, religious and laity will burn...
  15. Like button
  16. Question
  17. Resistance Mass in Northern Ireland?
  18. Alex Jones is now an Unperson
  19. Ben Shapiro! another sharp, common sense purveyor
  20. Funniest CI Threads of All-Time
  21. Will Hutton Gibson make it to his 100th birthday on August 26th?
  22. I adopted rich peoples habits, here is what happened
  24. Funny because it's true
  25. Social Justice Warrior torn apart by common sense and reality
  26. Amazon
  27. Sr Lucia quote?
  28. Pablo nicknames from way back
  29. Why on earth would someone say that?
  30. Russia consecration - yes another post on it sorry
  31. Money & Mass
  32. Red light vs yellow light
  33. Fr. Dominic Carey SSJ takes a new name as a Religious OSB
  34. BET stands for BLACK, not African American
  35. Sodomite Trads
  36. Papa Johns founder on the hot seat for saying Nigger
  37. Hillary & FBI meddle with Elections
  38. Very old traditional priest - years of confession, what he said...
  39. Let us pray that this is a David
  40. Holy Name of JESUS
  41. Bp Pivarunas excommunicates New Priest
  42. Tried to help my novus ordo priest
  43. Urgent Prayer Request
  44. Mailing Anonymous Pamphlets on Catholic teaching
  45. Fr Morel in Louisiana?
  46. Parents of students vote for Catholic School to be integrated.
  47. MGTOW
  48. Champion black female debaters in action
  49. Hypethetical question
  50. Sodomite Cardinal Accused of Sex Abuse