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  1. Firm Purpose of Amendment
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  8. The best part of Star Trek TNG
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  10. Working for companies that have immoral clients
  11. Advice concerning Detraction
  12. Europe and the White race are superior, just common sense
  13. Advice for a 20yr old dating a on-Catholic
  14. Bishop Fulham was married!?
  15. Idea for new book
  16. Divine Office with Douay-Rheims Psalms
  17. Seeking Dr White conference The Face of the Master
  18. The idea that you only love God if you do what He says
  19. 11 year olds exposed to rape porn on smartphones
  20. School Tales
  21. Welfare Only Way to Support Large Family
  22. A Jew Goes to Communion.
  23. "Truthseeker" Dead
  24. George Soros LITERALLY considers himself a god
  25. NSFW Is foreplay permissible in a Catholic marriage?
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  27. 29 things you should always be doing
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  29. cross-dressing in Phoenix
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  31. Being forced to go a modernist university
  32. A Woman I Know Had An Abortion
  33. A message all trads need to hear
  34. "Chicken and the egg"
  35. Isaiah 25?
  36. A lot of people here seem Protestant to me
  37. I asked God to speak to me
  38. Prior changes mass time to have lunch early?
  39. Mentally ill catholic trying to survive in a socialist country. Please help.
  40. Prayer request: post delivery complications
  41. No more mercy left from heaven
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  43. Rosary and sackcloth - Akita seer
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  45. St therese roses
  46. Pray and Fast for USA
  47. True Mass site in Coventry, RI?
  48. Who are the 144,000
  49. Fr. Robert Gagnon
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