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  1. Criteria for a Good Wife
  2. Does Bishop Fellay believe . . . ?
  3. I ordered a new rosary today
  4. Mental Institutions
  5. Looking for a Good Wife???
  6. Thread title suggestion
  7. Nuns on Bus
  8. Women Rejecting the Domestic Sphere for the World
  9. Questions for s2srea
  10. Games women play
  11. dollar coins in circulation
  12. Victims of sexual abuse
  13. At your chapel....
  14. What do sedevacantists think about Padre Pio?
  15. NO Nuns on Bus
  16. You Be The Judge: The Indifferent Priest (N.O.)
  17. Im tired of this GOP talk
  18. Elder Brothers
  19. American (Jewish) ideals
  20. Is it a sin to say the New Mass?
  21. Spanish teacher fired for using word negro for black.
  22. Tithing?
  23. Dr. Kevin Barrett interviews Bp. Williamson . . .
  24. I want to have a Mass said for someone who is now deceased.
  25. Soliciting Prayers
  26. Analysis claims IQ has fallen in Western Europe
  27. Woolwich murderers publicized for their religion
  28. Dollar coin in vending machine change
  29. Battle Hymn of the Republic
  30. Why is it so hard to be a good priest?
  31. Wearing a suit to mow the lawn? Really?
  32. Much Needed for Lengthy Latin Masses
  33. Americas Sweetheart, Timothy Dolan
  34. The cathinfo position on women in college
  35. Why are most people so blind?
  36. Famous actress has double masectomy
  37. Daughter Wants to Work in Law Enforcement
  38. Prayers for a safe trip
  39. Is it wrong to teach Novus Ordo seminarians the Latin Mass?
  40. Family issues
  41. pregnancy issues during Mass- advice welcome.
  42. Spin-off of the t-shirt thread
  43. About Bogus Annulments
  44. Situation in the USA
  45. Female prison guards totally useless
  46. Tampa doctors son accused of killing unborn child
  47. YOU BE THE JUDGE! The Story-Telling Wife
  48. The feminist religion
  49. Is today a religious holiday?
  50. Pontifical dinners...24hr hospitality rooms...priests only