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  1. Please pray for me and my young family
  2. Because Catholic were chillin
  3. How often should we confess
  4. NYC St Patricks 2015 Marshall
  5. IRISH Catholic School
  6. Mass every day
  7. Valtortas Poem of the Man-God
  8. St Marys College in Kansas
  9. "Talking" to Deceased Realtives
  10. Prayer Request for Ungreatful, Relapsing Sinner
  11. Tea Party
  12. how to change your username?
  13. Sinful to participate on a forum if you dont respect the admin?
  14. Please pray for a dying man
  15. Tea Party
  16. Prayer Request
  17. Bergoglio advised Tony Palmer not to become a Catholic
  18. Solange Hertz
  19. Old Ladies Making Disturbing Sounds at Mass
  20. Pray that I can forgive.
  21. Hugh Akins interviewed on his book Synagogue Rising
  22. Questions 4 Tele
  23. Church militant tv the vortex on Facebook
  24. Luke warm Catholics
  25. A few questions for Petertherock...
  26. 12 Lost Tribes of Israel
  27. Neocons are not Catholic
  28. Satanist is Sex Offender
  29. They deny the Holocaust of Christians
  30. Satanist is sex offended
  31. Sexual abuse by Rabbis Muslims
  32. Playmates for kids
  33. Marriage
  34. Prayer Request: URGENT
  35. Cop killer is like Martin Luther King
  36. A question for Sigismund about foster care
  37. So Crossbro...
  38. Women like guys that are hard to get
  39. Thumbs Up
  40. Only COWARDS
  41. Jansenists
  42. The Sin of Gluttony
  43. Man God poem
  44. SSPX girls camps
  45. Consecration of Russia
  46. trad Catholic newspapers
  47. Recommendation - where to buy a proper Christening gown
  48. Freemasonic attack
  49. Questions about changes
  50. FSSP Masses?