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  1. Mass Cards
  2. Women Wearing Pants
  3. a NO priest keeps coming up in my prayers and reparations...
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  9. Do sons have an obligation to marry?
  10. Promise
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  12. Navy Yard Shootings
  13. The Real Saint Nick Fought Prostitution
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  15. You Be The Judge! The Case of the Little Office Helper
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  17. Were the Old Covenant Saved Baptized with Water?
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  19. Catholic Monarchy
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  22. Public Breastfeeding
  23. The Game of Pool
  24. To Ggreg
  25. Humility and Letting Go
  26. At What Age . . .
  27. Life Insurance
  28. The mysoginists are correct after all, girls ARE evil.
  29. Close friendship with people who believe in legal abortion
  30. What do the SSPX schools teach . . .
  31. Do you believe in Geocentrism?
  32. Ron Paul Homeschool Revolution
  33. most powerful prayer to the holy spirit
  35. Syria
  36. Allowing wolves in the sheepfold
  37. ATTN: Hobbles
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  39. Is feminism a heresy?
  40. Pledge of allegiance?
  41. Does Griff Ruby believe in evolution?
  42. The Rat says God told him to do it.
  43. what you got against Poche?
  44. Does St. Peregrines SSPX chapel in Westlake OH operate a K-12 school?
  45. Quick question
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  47. Blessings for non-Catholics
  48. This is the desolation spoken of to the prophet Daniel
  49. Ignis Ardens
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