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  1. woman kicked off plane for anti-Trump rant
  2. are there any careers a Catholic woman could do?
  3. Cartwright should use what I call "Hillary defense"
  4. Wife consistently refuses the marriage debt
  5. Marco Rubios comment on Tillerson makes NO sense
  6. It is not Blacks who are hated.. but the poor
  7. Why are gays so proud of being gay? dont get it
  8. This is neat
  9. Inequality is not just a D talking point
  10. who is the most evil priest youve ever knownheard about?
  11. confirmation hearings other such issues for Americans
  12. Traditional Catholic forums that have shut down mysteriously
  13. What problems have you had being Catholic?
  14. this sounds sexist? But men dont seem to love--
  15. Horrible Christmas family gathering
  16. Traditionalists: explain why you reject novus ordo Mass
  17. congress should completely null and void Obamas entire presidency
  18. Feeling alone
  19. How many adults do you think are saved?
  20. Cardinal Giovanni Todiso"
  21. Can you cheer me up? Im a little down
  22. Canonizations and Sedevacantism
  23. Cremation
  24. Catholic Teaching
  25. Rosary question
  26. Good Reasons for Wife to Refuse Sex?
  27. California is pedophile state
  28. Clergy scandal :(
  29. Ignore them and they will wither away
  30. Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox
  31. St Leonard others: most people go to Hell
  32. Standard course of action for priests with questionable behavior
  33. Certain Traditional Catholics in my Life are Acting Very Strange.
  34. Kill dog? 5 years prison. Kill baby in the womb? Nothing.
  35. Pope Francis: "God is not a magician who can do all things"
  36. what do you like least about Trump policies?
  37. Two hostile homos harass Invanka Trump
  38. Living Far from a Church by Some Degree of Choice
  39. Marriage conflict
  40. What Can I Do?
  41. Pair of Pugnacious Poofters Pester President-elects Prized Progeny, Ivanka
  42. Ordination
  43. Guy at Trump rally shouts "JewSA! JewSA!"
  44. Sermons posted online for the Faithful
  45. Cant get to Mass or Sacraments
  46. Fires in Tennessee
  47. had clinton won, would you have recognized her as a legitimate president?
  48. Anonymous Option on Gender-Based Forum
  49. Is welfare morally acceptable?
  50. Devotions for Election Season