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Good pro-life bumper stickers

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B001 Abortion: A Doctor's Right to Make a Killing
B002 40 Million Aborted. Who's Missing From Your Neighborhood?
B003 93% of Women Regret Their Abortion
B004 Abortion Causes Breast Cancer
B030 Abortion is MURDER
B035 **Abortion is NOT Health Care
B040 One Abortion One Dead One Wounded
B047 **Abortion: The Foundation on Which to Build a Violent Society
B055 **Abortion? The Supreme Court Also Legalized Slavery
B060 ** ABORTION Stops a beating heart
B065 ABORTION...the ultimate child abuse
B083 A Family Needs a Father
B085 **A Nation that kills its own children is a nation without hope - Pope John Paul II
B088 **As a Former Fetus, I Oppose Abortion
B090 "A Thorough Knowledge of The BIBLE is Worth More Than a college education" (Teddy Roosevelt)
B095 **Babies are NOT spare parts, Stop fetal testing!
B100 Be a HERO Save a WHALE, Save a BABY Go to JAIL
B105 **"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.." - God
B118 Chastity: The Choice of the Next Generation
B125 **Choose Life -- Your Mom Did!
B130 Choosy Mothers Choose LIFE
B140 Darwin is Dead! And he ain't coming back!
B145 Defend the Helpless - Please, Vote Pro-Life
B150 **Equal Rights for Unborn Women
B155 **GOD is Pro-Life
B165 **Guess Which One Isn't Protected
B180 **"How Can There Be Too Many Children? That's Like Saying There Are Too Many Flowers" - Mother Teresa
B185 **How Much Does an Abortion Cost?
B187 I'm a Survivor of the American Holocaust (Roe v. Wade 1,400,000 Killed Yearly)
B205 **If it's not a baby..
You're NOT pregnant!
B220 **I think...Therefore I'm Pro-Life!
B230 "It is Impossible to Rightly Govern the World Without God Or the BIBLE" (George Washington)
B245 **"It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish." -Mother Teresa
B250 Christ Jesus Gives New Life eternally
B263 Life: It's a Gift Not a Choice
B265 LIFE, The Choice of the NEXT GENERATION!
B275 Love Your Mother
B287 **No Matter How Small, A Person is a Person
B290 No Unwanted Babies... We ADOPT Them
B295 **Only BIG BABIES are Pro-Choice
B300 **Planned Parenthood Kills Over 132,000 Unborn Children A Year
B303 Pray The Rosary To End Abortion
B310 Pro-ABORTION People Vote
Abortion Kills Children
B315 Pro-choice before -CONCEPTION- Pro-life after
B320 Pro-Choice? That's A Lie! "Babies Don't Choose To Die"
B330 Real Doctors Don't Kill Babies
B335 Real Feminists Don't Kill Babies
B337 **She's a Child ... Not a Choice
B340 **SMILE! Your MOM Chose LIFE
B345 Some Babies Die by CHANCE
No Baby Should Die By Choice!
B350 **Some choices are WRONG!
B353 Stop Euthanasia - The Life You Save May Be Your Own!
B354 Terror! Abortion Kills 4,000 Americans Every Day B355 **Thanks Mom... I GOT BORN!
B360 "That Book (The Bible) is the Rock on Which Our Republic Stands" - President Andrew Jackson
B365 The BIBLE says MARY was with CHILD, NOT TISSUE
B370 The devil is Pro-Abortion - Read John 8:44
B375 The Natural Choice is Life
B380 The "New Age" is nothing but recycled paganism
B385 The Road to HELL is Bumper to Bumper, Make a U-Turn
B390 The Ten Commandments! Not The Ten Suggestions B395 "Those Who Will Not Be Governed By God Will Be Ruled By Tyrants" - William Penn
B397 U Can't B Both Catholic and Pro-Choice
B400 Vote For Life. In your heart you know what's right.
B420 **What is "Pro Family about Killing Children?
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- Matthew

Posted Jul 21, 2007, 5:40 am
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I used put stick the B060, B065, B300, and B337 on all 4 windows of my car with suctions (so as to remove them when I parked, incase an angry pro-abortioner wouldn't see them and damage my car). Anyway, one time I was driving and this young lady was in the passenger seat of a car and being driven by her mother. They paralleled me for a bit and were honking and the young girl was shouting obsenities. I ignored them. And so, the mother drove forward and the young lady stuck half her body out the window and flipped me off.

I decided it was too much of a hassle to always remove all those bumper sticker from my window every time I parked. So I got to metallic bumper sticker that were less "harsh" that I placed on the bumper of my car. One of them said, "God will not bless America until America returns to God.". The other one said "Women Do Regret Abortion". The "God will not bless America" one was stolen. I still have the "Women Do Regret" one. Even with the "Women Do Regret" one I have had negative reaction. One day, I found a note on the windsheild of my car that said "I don't regret my abortion." Another time, a man saw me leaving my parked car and asked if it was my car. When I said yes, he started angrily saying, "Who are you to judge people" and went off. Of course he was too into his hatred of anything pro-life that his arguement didn't make sense because the bumper sticker isn't making a judgement, it is stating fact - polls and statistics have shown that the majority of women do regret their abortion. Anyway, I I told him that I wasn't in the mood for him and walked away. Of course, I kept an eye until I saw him drive away - so as to make sure he didn't purposely key or dent my car. 

Posted Jul 21, 2007, 8:19 am
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