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Rules for this subforum -- READ FIRST!

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This is a read-only reference forum.

What should be posted here?
Any article/list/document that has a LASTING value -- something that you could find in the library in book form, in an ideal world.

Anything that you would pay to have in book form -- or at least things you're tempted to print out.

This forum is not for chat, discussions, or time-sensitive (news) articles. It doesn't matter how important the news story is. You can put those in the appropriate subforum.

This subforum was created so that we don't have to hunt through thousands of posts to find "that one list" or "that one document" we're looking for.

In lieu of the Dewey Decimal System, these posts will start with a series of tags, and all "threads" will be locked by me as they are finalized.

Note that CathInfo's search function lets you select just one subforum to search through. So, for example, you could search "The Library" for a given keyword, and you wouldn't have to wade through much.

For a limited time, members can post important documents here. I will look things over and either delete them or "finalize" them.


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- Matthew

Posted Dec 9, 2009, 11:55 pm
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