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The Prophecies Of Alois Irlmaier

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sorry, I didn't read the above post asking the same questions, more info on him would be greatly appreciated!

Posted Oct 18, 2011, 2:22 pm
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Well, difficult topic to discuss in detail in English for me. Let's try to answer some of the above poster's questions. I'm not aware of English books about Irlmaier. I only know a few in German language, and I recommend a newer one available for example at Amazon Germany.
The author is unfortunately not catholic, but very accurate in his investigations and inspection of sources.

My subjective, incomplete and partly maybe incorrect summary is as following. (I re-use some paragraphs which I earlier posted in the threads Elenin, the 3 day darkness comet? and Great Catholic Monarch Prophecies.)

I. The roman-catholic Irlmaier

Alois Irlmaier (1894 - 1959) was a simple roman-catholic craftsman in the province Bavaria (Bayern) in the catholic south of Germany, near to the Austrian border.
One day when he waited in a client's house for his client, Irlmaier watched a drawn picture of Our Lady in the room and suddenly he saw Our Lady leaning out of the picture. "Since then I was a foreseer" Irlmaier said.

Basically he just foresaw things, and so was a visionary. Maybe you could call him a psychic. For example from this moment he also identified water veins wherever he passed them, and so he concentrated his craftsmanship on building wells. This was handy and worked well. He however always kept down to earth and never became wealthy.

So this is not comparable to catholic private appearances, like when Our Lady appears and talks to people like in Fatima. Irlmaier had never obtained messages from heaven but was just a foreseer of events.
That's why the Church didn't officially care or examine his visions, because these were not strictly religious but more practical about what would happen to the people and country around Irlmaier (and sometimes beyond that). With his elder local parish priest he lived in good terms. When Irlmaier was about to die in 1959, three years before Vaticanum II (which Archbishop Lefebvre called the spiritual "Third World War" sometimes), Irlmaier told his then adult children: Stay catholic! For the love of God stay catholic!

That's a wonderful last word, isn't it?
Irlmaier was catholic buried by the parish priest.

II. Legally attested visionary

During his life the people and the press were quite interested in his visions. (In the apostate today they wouldn't. Also most of the modern (SSPX) laity isn't interested anymore in topics like Irlmaier, just the elder ones know him.) Virtually thousands visited Irlmaier. A few times he talked also about USA and Russia, and indeed some US Generals visited him after 1945 in occupied Germany.

This also attracted not so good people who defamed Irlmaier or even published wrong things in his name. So he had several battles in court. One of the most famous one was when he was charged with "illegally telling the fortune for money" and then in court foresaw an event happening at this very moment in the house of the judge. The good point is this way Irlmaier demonstrated his foreseeing competence several times "legally attested" and in front of the public, i.e. his visionary gift was actually true.
But during the years he became tired of the many quarrels and retired from publicly telling his visions.

In the beginning Conrad Adlmaier who run a regional newspaper supported Irlmaier and published several of his visions, but later on they were disunited with each other. Irlmaier said that Adlmaier would be interested in making money with his visions.

III. Smaller and bigger visions

Of Irlmaier's countless smaller visions most already took shape, including him helping the police to solve thefts, murders, missing persons and other things.
During World War II countless mothers visited him to ask if their sons on the front were still alive, and in nearly all cases his "yes" or "no" was accurate. Since there were so many no's to say and seeing the despaired mothers face to face, he finally had to stop with telling them the status of their sons because of his reasons of health.

Irlmaier's biggest vision which he underlined the most was however the very detailed one about a terrible World War III which would be ended by even much more terrible Three Dark Days, and around then a huge sign in the sky in the form of a cross would be visible to all people who then would know what it means and where they stand.

Why should his biggest vision be inaccurate when nearly all of his other foreseen events came true? Also so many other visionaries and foreseers tell basically the same about those Three Dark Days.
Irlmaier also said in detail how to behave during the Three Dark Days, like to seal all windows in the house, and that no natural light would shine (from other foreseers we know: except consecrated candles and similar).

IV. Russian invasion

Since Irlmaier was German his focus was mainly Germany and the countries around it. He foresaw the movements of the Russian invaders and the main battle places. According to Irlmaier the World War III will mainly be happening in central Europe and in Germany in particular, but the Russian invasion would happen with several of their armies attacking in parallel: one moving trough Austria (from Vienna), one coming from Northern Italy to the Alps (Genoa, like St. Pius X. foresaw), and the others Germany.

This is not so different from what we know from East European renegade militaries.

In Germany the entire area northern of the river Donau and eastern of the Rhine would be the main battlefield of the Russian attack... which is the biggest part of the country!

According to Irlmaier the biggest tank battle in this World War III would happen to the right of Cologne with the wonderful catholic cathedral, with another big tank battle happening in Ulm in South Germany with another wonderful catholic cathedral.
Since the German army which today is called Bundeswehr wouldn't generally fight the Russians according to Irlmaier (and indeed the Bundeswehr is basically neutered by now), the South-Germans, Austrians and Swiss would halt the Russians in these tank battles.

Also according to Irlmaier the Russians would drop an atom bomb into the English Channel flooding the southern part of England, parts of Holland and North Germany, etc. See the Russian politician Schirinowski.

One detail I remember is that when the Russians and "the Yellow Dragon" (probably Chinese) attack the USA, according to Irlmaier they would not be very successful. But due to the world war the USA would lose all its military bases in the world and hence become insignificant afterwards.

V. After the war -- Reconquista

According to Irlmaier after the war the remaining Germans and Europeans would be catholic again and good people. Everybody would greet other people with "Praise to Jesus Christus!", like in our former times.
He foresaw the prohibition of democracy (lovely) and the "removal of the law which killed the small children in masses". When he foresaw this nobody could imagine that Germany and virtually all other Western countries would do mass abortions!

Also he foresaw several catholic monarchs coming to power in European countries, and the crowning of a German emperor by the fled pope in a cathedral (very probably Cologne). However, this emperor would be a very humble person wearing Lederhosen (leather trousers) like the Bavarian and Austrian Germans do. So the new catholic monarchs won't be pompous ones.

To a few younger people who are now about 80 years old, Irlmaier told that they would still live when the World War III and the Three Dark Days come. So according to Irlmaier this even won't in 30 years...

VI. Irlmaier's famous timetable from the early 1950's

1. First there's an economic vitality like never before.
2. A lapse of faith follows, like never before.
3. Then a corruption of morals, like never before.
4. A huge number of strangers flood the country.
5. It comes a massive inflation. Paper money looses its value more and more.
6. Soon follows the revolution.
7. Then overnight the Russians raid the West.

(... meaning World War III which would be ended by the Three Dark Days)

In Irlmaier's original German words:

1. Zuerst kommt ein Wohlstand wie noch nie!
2. Dann folgt ein Glaubensabfall wie noch nie zuvor.
3. Darauf eine Sittenverderbnis wie noch nie.
4. Alsdann kommt eine große Zahl fremder Leute ins Land.
5. Es herrscht eine große Inflation. Das Geld verliert mehr und mehr an Wert.
6. Bald darauf folgt die Revolution.
7. Dann überfallen die Russen über Nacht den Westen.

Posted Oct 19, 2011, 11:40 am
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That is absolutely fascinating! I really appreciate you getting the Info on him!

What he says makes a loooottt of connections with other prophecies i've read, especially the "nuke in the English channel" which explains St Patrick and St Malachys prophecies of Ireland being inundated before the end.

Posted Oct 19, 2011, 3:14 pm
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