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  1. What is MbCode and how do I use it?
  2. What is the Mission Statement of CathInfo?
  3. Why should I register?

What is MbCode and how do I use it?
MbCode is a way to format your posts without HTML. You can use MbCode by pressing the buttons above the message text area, but here is a short help guide.
[b]This text will be bold.[/b]
Text enclosed in these tags will be bold.

[i]This text will be italicized.[/i]
Text enclosed in these tags will be italicized.

[u]This text will be underlined.[/u]
Text enclosed in these tags will be underlined.

[s]This text will have a strike through it.[/s]
Text enclosed in these tags will be crossed out.

[php]Code here.[/php]
The PHP tag allows you to add PHP code to your post. The code will show up with line numbers and syntax highlighting.

[code]Code here.[/code]
A more generic code tag than the PHP tag. You can add any type of code (such as HTML) or text into the tag and it will display exactly as you entered it.

[quote]Quote here.[/quote]
Allows you to insert quoted text into a post.

Allows you to insert a link into a post. All you normally need to do to use this tag is add a URL and description into two popup prompts.

[]Email me![/email]
This allows you to insert a link to an email address into a post.

This tag allows you to add an image into your post.

[color=red]This text will be red.[/color]
Text enclosed in the color tag will be a color you specify. You can select the color using the drop-down list at the post screen.

[size=3]This text will be large.[/size]
This tag changes the font size of the text enclosed in this tag to a specified size.

[font=Tahoma]This text will be Tahoma.[/font]
This allows you to change the font of text enclosed in this tag to a specified font.

What is the Mission Statement of CathInfo?
CathInfo was founded in 2006 to facilitate free and open discussion on any topic of public concern to devout Catholics, to share news, foster friendships, build support networks, and form a sense of community among English-speaking Traditional Catholics worldwide. All discussions on CathInfo are from the perspective of faithful Catholics holding to the traditional doctrines, practices, and Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. CathInfo is designed to be a refuge for truth-seekers, whistleblowers, and lovers of free speech all over the Catholic world.

Members of CathInfo join the forum to express and promote the cause of the Catholic Faith (specifically, the Catholic Faith as taught by the timeless Magisterium of the Catholic Church), to oppose evils around them, to draw strength and support from fellow Catholics with common beliefs and interests, and to defend the common good of Catholics everywhere.

Why should I register?
Registration will allow you to use all of the features on this board. Registration will allow you to customize your account, edit your profile, use the private messenger to contact other users, and may open up new posting rights and forums.

Registration is completely free and very fast. Sometimes the administrator may require you to verify your account in an email, so be sure you provide a correct email address!

Once you are registered, you can start using the full features of the board.