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Sharon Jane Ballatine, Infiltraitor

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Speaks Russian and lives in the ironic.

One year after the expulsion of Bishop Williamson from Argentina and his billeting at St. George’s House - headquarters of the Society of Saint Pius X in the U.K. - a well dressed , BMW driving 47 year old woman, a native of Edinburgh, sought a course of instruction in the Catholic religion at the headquarters of the British District of the Society of Saint Pius X . She began to make regular visits to St. George’s House and attended Mass at their church in Woking. She informed people her name was Sian Ballantine, said she was married to a BMW car salesman called Eddie and she lived at an address in upmarket North Warnborough, Hampshire. She also claimed to speak Russian and showed herself to be culturally and politically knowledgeable of the old Soviet Union.

Just before her course of instruction finished the women disappeared and was never seen again at St. George’s House or any of the SSPX churches. The woman began to make regular visits to St. John Fisher House - headquarters of the Society of Saint Peter - under the pretext of seeking instruction. She attended a retreat and the FSSP’s monthly Saturday morning women’s group. After several months of observing and gathering information on the Society of Saint Peter the woman abruptly disappeared again.

A woman writing under the pseudonym ’spiritustempore’ began posting on a blog called ‘Catholic Truth Scotland‘. As the months passed by the woman’s agenda revealed itself with vicious post after post scurrilously attacking the traditional British bishop, priests and faithful as ‘neo-Nazi infiltrators’ for opposing the policy of the Swiss based regime in overall charge of the SSPX that was seeking reconciliation with a Masonic orientated Vatican The woman manipulated the moderator and readers of the blog to engage in a virulent and vicious campaign of lies aimed at disrupting the SSPX operation in Britain. One strategy suggested to achieve this was to make complaints to the Charity Commission of England and Wales alleging the SSPX in the U.K. pursued an ’extremist’ political - instead of a charitable - agenda. The intent was that the SSPX would be struck off the Register of Charities and maybe find itself in legal trouble. Another was to republish on the ‘Catholic Truth Scotland’ blog scurrilous articles from the Communist ‘Searchlight’ magazine that attacked the old guard SSPX.

Over a period of time the woman messed up and gave away vital pieces of personal information that identified her as the instruction seeking Sian Ballantine. Further investigation revealed that the residents of the property where Sian Ballantine claimed to live with her husband Eddie were in fact a woman called Sharon Jane Ballantine, a native of Edinburgh, and a man called Eddie Cheung.

Public records show that in 2002 Mrs. Sharon Jane Ballantine - as she was officially titled - and Mr. Edward Cheung moved from Barnes, West London, and Wokingham, Berkshire, to jointly live at an address in North Warnborough, Hampshire. Public records further reveal that Mrs Sharon Jane Ballantine officially changed her public persona to Ms. Sharon Jane Ballantine in March 2010, shortly before she made contact with the Society of Saint Pius X, apparently to provide herself with the appearance of using a maiden name for public purposes.

A series of posts appeared on the ‘Ignis Ardens’ discussion forum written in the style of press releases and posted under the pseudonym ‘Gertrude’. The posts continued in the theme and the textual style established by Sharon Jane Ballantine on ‘Catholic Truth Scotland‘, attacking British SSPX apostolates and faithful as ‘neo-Nazi’ and ‘extremists’ plotting to overthrow the SSPX’s central Swiss regime by replacing it with the expelled British Bishop Williamson and his supporters.

The most interesting of the series of posts, made in late May, revealed that complaints had been made to the English and Welsh Charity Commission - just as discussed by Sharon Ballantine and other ‘Catholic Truth Scotland’ bloggers. It claimed - falsely - that “The commission reminded each trustee of their obligations and legal duties, and cautioned that such political activity is prohibited under Charity Law. The society could lose its charitable status if the political activism continues the commission warned”

Coincidently, on May 13 just one week before public news of the Charity Commission complaints were published the moderator of the ‘Catholic Truth Scotland’ blog, Patricia McKeever, announced that her blog had collapsed due to serious technical problems, and a new blog would be launched under the same name but all the posts made on the original blog were irretrievable - lost forever (except to those who had the foresight to make screenshots)! The new Catholic Truth blog launched on May 18.

On May 24 ‘Searchlight’ editor Gerry Gable - a former member of the Communist Party of Great Britain and a documented former associate of Zionist terrorists, homosexual predators and pimps - sent out a scurrilous press release that was reported and copied in part by Damien Thompson in the ’Daily Telegraph‘. It was given further publicity by David V. Barrett in the ‘Catholic Herald’ on May 31. It was ignored by the rest of the print media.

Gerry Gable has a long and well documented working relationship with the British State security service MI5 and the police Special Branch, as well as the Israeli Mossad. David V. Barrett worked for British State security as an intelligence analyst at GCHQ, while Damien Thompson is a vewy nithe boy working for the 'Telegraph' newspaper group which is notorious for acting as a disinformation conduit for British intelligence.

The complaints made to the Charity Commission are revealing. There are a total of five complaints - all made by the same person - a series of complaints totaling six pages that get more agitated and hysterical with each uninterested response received from the Charity Commission. The grammar, syntax and material substance of complaint is undoubtedly identical to the blog posts of ‘spiritustempore’ - Sharon Jane Ballantine.

Sharon Jane Ballantine - Catholic Truth Scotland blog - 7/22/12
“The late WJ Morgan, father of GB District Superior Fr. Paul Morgan, was a good friend of Bp Williamson”.

Text from Charity Commision complaint received 1/23/13
“Bp Williamson was a close personal friend of Fr Morgan's father and sponsored his application for the seminary at Econe and has maintained extremely close links throughout Fr Morgan's life“.

Sharon Jane Ballantine - Catholic Truth Scotland blog - 10/20/12 & 10/26/12
“These individuals have been quite deliberately invited into the Society by Bp Williamson. As one example, Michael Fishwick was previously in charge of communications for the Young National Front… He’s only associated with the Society because Williamson supported him and Fr Morgan gave him a job. Hopefully, his situation will change in the near future“.

Text from Charity Commission complaints received 1/23/13 & 2/12/13 & 3/25/13
“Bp Williamson and Fr Morgan have directly recruited a number of right wing activists to work directly for the Society, including Michael Fishwick, former Chairman and Communications Director of the Young National Front…. Michael Fishwick was previously chairman of the Young National Front and also its communications director. He was recruited by Fr Morgan to work for the Society as Manager of Carmel Books, the Society's publishing arm, as should be plain if you have made the appropriate enquiries…. You say that "it is not clear how Bp Williamson/Fr Morgan" recruited right wing activists to work for the Society. It should be clear to you that Fr Morgan is the GB District Superior and has sole responsibility for recruitment and management of lay employees to the Society. The character and history of Michael Fishwick, former Chairman of the Young NF should be clear to anyone with the ability to carry out a Google search!”

Sharon Jane Ballantine - Catholic Truth Scotland blog - 11/5/12 & 11/6/12
“On the subject of the St Marcel Initiative, I notice that they’re hosted by the same company and on the same server as the National Front sites although why the NF would be hosted on a server in Brea, California, I’m not sure…. John Sharpe lives in Carrollton VA, the same town given on Williamson’s new website for donations... A couple of weeks back, Fishwick took issue with Stephen Heiner’s claim to have set up Williamson’s Dinoscopus site and was very clear that he had been responsible for setting the site up. This was then acknowledged by Heiner. The NF sites were set up around three years ago. That would be around the same time as their UK servers were hacked and their membership lists published in the UK press. I’d imagine that someone based in the UK thought it safer to use an off-shore server to stop it happening again. With in-house skills here in the UK, I guess they’d have designed and set up the site themselves. If I were a betting person, I’d lay odds on that same person having designed and set up the St Marcel Initiative site as well. I’d lay further odds on that person being an employee of the SSPX in Berkshire. It’s also interesting because it implies that said individual would have been in the confidence of the senior management of the NF as recently as three years ago“.

Text from Charity Commission complaint received 1/23/13
“Michael Fishwick recently set up Bp Williamson's personal website: the St Marcel Initiative, which coincidentally shares the same servers as the BNP at an obscure Arizona location. The site seeks donations to unspecified causes, but is administered by John Sharpe so these are likely to be political in nature“.

The striking similarity between the Charity Commission complaints and Sharon Ballantine’s blog posts continue page after page, even to including the typical Ballantine habit of constantly getting the BNP and NF groups mixed up.

Ballantine & Searchlight linked
Just five days before 'Searchlight' editor Gerry Gable sent out his turgid 5 page Press Release to the British media claiming that “Neo-Nazis plan takeover of Catholic group… Their objective is to replace SSPX’s current Superior General, Bishop Bernard Fellay, with the convicted-Holocaust denier Bishop Richard Williamson… The plotters intend to make a major step towards their takeover at a conference on the weekend of 1 and 2 of June, which we ca reveal will be held at Earlsfield Library Hall, 276 Magdalen Road, Earlsfield, London, SW18 from 9am to 5pm” Sharon Ballantine sent a final desperate complaint to the Charity Commission:

“Fishwick is leading a campaign to split the SSPX in the UK away from its parent organisation in Switzerland and to hand control of the Society's assets to Bishop Williamson and his supporters on the political far right. A conference will be held in London on 1st and 2nd June to plan and organise against one of the trustees of the SSPX, Bishop Fellay, and the splitting of the Society into a UK entity under the control of Bishop Richard Williamson. This conference is being organised by Father Paul Morgan, Gregory Taylor (BNP), Alun Rowland (BNP) and Fishwick. The conference will be held in Earlsfield Public Library Hall, London SW18 from 0900-1700 on both 1st and 2nd June 2013".

Even more striking is the textual precision between a paragraph in one of Sharon Ballantine’s Charity Commission complaints - which have not been made public until now - and the 'Searchlight' Press Release of May 24.

Sharon Ballantine Complaint to Charity Commission, March 25 2013
“The audience are all laity and mostly members of the BNP. You can see them in the Society newsletter for June/July 2012, which has a photograph of Bishop Williamson with the attendees, posing at St. Saviour's House. Attendees included Michael Fishwick“.

Searchlight Press Release, May 24 2013
“The audience are mostly members of the BNP. You can see them in the Society newsletter for June/July 2012, which has a photograph of Bishop Williamson with the attendees, posing at St. Saviour's House. Attendees included Michael Fishwick“.

The good as identical word for word paragraph of a private letter sent to the Charity Commission positively identifies Sharon Jane Ballantine collaborating with the Communist and Zionist inspired ‘Searchlight’ magazine against Catholic Tradition. It’s editor Gerry Gable is recorded as boasting of his collaboration with the British Security Service on several occasions. 'Catholic Herald' journalist David V. Barrett boasts of his service as an intelligence analyst for the British State. So who is Sharon Jane Ballantine, the Russian speaking, BMW driving, well dressed career woman who attempted to infiltrate Catholic Tradition under the auspices of receiving instruction?

Whoever she is, and whoever she works for she certainly isn't a Catholic. Earlier this year Sharon Ballantine and Edward Cheung put up their North Warnborough property for sale. The realtor they chose was Mackenzie Smith. The online advertising brochure reveals no crucifix or Catholic religious pictures or any other devotional Catholic items anywhere in the property. Instead viewers are shown a statue of Buddha sitting on a bookshelf.
Other photographs of the house interior obtained elsewhere reveal another Buddha statue in a bedroom.

Who are you really Sharon Jane Ballantine?

Posted Aug 31, 2013, 11:24 pm
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Another example as to why Ignoramus Ardens is just as atrocious as FishEaters.

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:sign-surrender:And who, exactly, believes such nonsense, save those who wish to believe it? Apparently, Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer is correct in his assessment of Bishop Williamson's ability to pull off a conspiracy. See his third conference in Brazil if it is still on YouTube.
St. Francis Xavier threw a Crucifix into the sea, at once calming the waves. Upon reaching the shore, the Crucifix was returned to him by a crab with a curious cross pattern on its shell.

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