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Father, you exaggerate!

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The Rector's Letter

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Saint Theresa of Avila used to compare the devil with a hidden file that
silently, imperceptibly blunts the soul. Living habitually in a world of
impressions and images, we indeed have great difficulty in paying attention
to this pernicious action of our most frightening enemy -- an enemy who
attacks us, with all impunity, without risking failure, because we are not
ready to avoid his fearsome assault. The best weapon of the devil still is
his silence and it pleases him to remain in the shadows, cunningly working
there, as there is no greater trap for man than Satan's apparent absence.
Isn't our greatest danger today that we hardly ever hear news of the devil?
Everyone, or almost everyone, declares himself a believer! But the simple
mention of the existence of the devil and of his action on men brings a
smile of condescension and pity to the lips of our interlocutors - that is,
if we have dared to confront human respect and timidly talk about the
possibility of a habitual intervention of the supernatural order in our

We often reduce satanic interference to its most spectacular events, those
that require the recourse to solemn exorcisms. The devil is cunning and
likes to encourage our disproportionate attention to these exceptional
circumstances, because he can then act freely in other domains. We must not
fall into this crude snare and must keep a clear head: the action of the
devil is a present and ordinary reality in our lives, but this action is
poorly known. We restrict it to some impressive manifestations that strike
our imagination and blind our intelligence. When we are unable to
distinguish the hidden, but real, causes of evil, we cannot find out where
the true danger resides. Catholic souls must awaken and shake the tragic
sloth in which they often find themselves.

The ordinary action of the devil is initially deployed in the political and
religious domains and after, but only after, at the personal level. The
devil knows that a great attack requires a meticulous strategy where nothing
is left to chance. He knows especially that the success of an army is
assured if the commander launches his battalions on the battlefield with
cold-blooded precision. He takes great care in perverting political
institutions and in corrupting them with his revolutionary spirit. Then
morals will be irremediably wounded, because the institutionalized disorder
will become a habit and will have the force of law, deeply impregnating the
souls of those who cannot avoid being men of their times.

Little by little, men acquire the wrong reflexes and, subjected to false
instruction, they drift away from sound principles. They lose their strength
and reason and give themselves to the highest bidder, delighted by empty
speeches. The spirit of criticism dies, supplanted by an alarming conformism
over which shamelessly reigns a common lack of thought. Slogans flourish,
real thinking wanes, the intelligence fails and Satan rakes in souls simply
because of the environment in which they are plunged.

When the political order has totally fallen into the hands of the master of
eternal darkness by means of revolutions, the attacks of hell concentrate
against the Catholic Church. In the name of the erroneous principles of
corrupting liberalism, the Church is summoned to be united to the Revolution
and become its active propagandist. Orders given in the depths of hell have
led vile souls to assume the noble priestly garb and enter the militia of
consecrated souls in order to skillfully spread, under the appearance of a
return to apostolic times, a disastrous doctrine imposed at the Second
Vatican Council. And this, while the worst enemies of the immaculate Bride
of Christ applaud frantically. Since this ruinous moment, Holy Mother Church
is in mourning, but does not fall into despair because she carries, from now
on in a visible way, the stigmata of her Bridegroom. The devil, blinded by
his hatred, crucifies the Bride after the Bridegroom and thus unites her
more intimately with Him.

In spite of this, the Passion of the Church is nonetheless the source of the
ruin of many souls. It cannot be otherwise: the See of Rome is the teacher
of truth but today what comes out of her are strange teachings that disturb
and confuse souls. Satan has taken up church vestments and souls listen to
those who seem to be pastors who care for them - and perhaps some of them,
individually, do care - but they are, in fact, the disguised wolves of whom
Our Lord Jesus Christ has spoken. The evil is immense. Who can measure its
consequences? They are many: social, domestic, personal. Souls drift away
and perish as ships on a stormy sea, carried away by any supposedly
doctrinal wind. Intelligences are perverted, wills weakened, common sense is
lost: we live amidst the ruin of the splendors of the Church. And men go in
great numbers to their damnation.

We should also draw up a picture of contemporary morals - at least, of what
remains of them! - to condemn the prevailing baseness of the moral order.
But we are so used to it that we are not even aware of it any more. We also
have an intelligence, a will, a common sense denatured by force of habit. We
do not realize that we are too close to the evil not to be contaminated by
it. A simple photo of people leaving Mass taken a few years ago, when
compared with another taken more recently, would be enough to convince us
that we are in decline. We could also consider the ease with which today we
speak of subjects like abortion, euthanasia or abominable sins against
nature, and thus realize that indeed we have been affected by this
terrifying decay.

We must have the clarity of mind and the courage to condemn this lethal
world in which we live, not to lose ourselves in a sterile criticism (which
would be only a feeble manifestation of a pathological bitterness), but to
be able to distance ourselves from this degrading world and then rebuild a
society worthy of the name.

Obviously, such criticism often causes a certain skepticism and we are all
too easily pictured as cynical pessimists or accused of being narrow-minded
fanatics. We must then remember these words of Saint Paul: "For there it
will come a time when they will not endure sound doctrine: but, according to
their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching
ears." "Preach the word: be instant in season, out of season: reprove,
entreat, 'rebuke in all patience and doctrine." And we would like to add:
even when we are told "Dear Father, you exaggerate!" - a phrase that allows
our interlocutor to remain comfortably installed in his profitable

"DEAR FATHER, YOU EXAGGERATE!" Really? It seems to us that in this combat
for the honor of Christ and for the salvation of souls, our warning cries
will be never strong enough. Should we keep silent while souls live in a
state of perdition? But this sort of indignation disturbs; isn't it a
reminder that truth endures and that it is out of the question to talk of an
evolution of morals that would justify any depravity? Our times are not a
reason to prevent us from fighting against decay. Truth is eternal and
cannot compromise with evil.

"DEAR FATHER, YOU EXAGGERATE!" Thus we are told by all those who think that
one should not see the devil everywhere and our times are not so terrible
after all. Such people are only poor victims of the orchestrated decay of
politics and religion. Raised in a world whose principles are revolutionary,
they have embraced them without being aware of it. The disorder,
institutionalized and baptized, disguises itself with the mask of order and
deceives many, whose thoughts bear the mark of their blindness. We must
persist, because errors and evils in politics and religion are deeply
anchored in the souls of men -and these are the breast from which man
continuously nourishes himself. Their milk is spoiled, and it poisons
whoever feeds from it. Man must be warned.

"DEAR FATHER, YOU EXAGGERATE! The evolution of morals has advanced so much,
the corruption is so great, that it is impossible to go back. The combat
that you want us to carry out is a totally useless battle." Wrong! History
teaches us, indeed, that changes may happen rapidly and that it is then
necessary to be able to count on well-formed intelligences and strong wills
to rebuild upon the ruins. Moreover, it is by no means a question of going
back, but of keeping as principles of reflection and action the rules which
always governed the establishment of societies. Societies rest upon
immutable principles and only these can give them life and prosperity. And
if we are not mistaken about the extent of the task ahead of us - it is very
difficult to work the conversion of an intelligence! - we know that grace is
still very powerful and that truth keeps its intrinsic force. Our combat,
although full of obstacles, leads to victory. As the painful road to
Calvary, it is nonetheless a royal way.

"DEAR FATHER, YOU EXAGGERATE! Your combat demands such great attention to a
multitude of details. It is impossible to remain always on the alert." Those
who speak thus do not know what they are saying. Attention to detail is,
indeed, the mark of those who love, attentive in their loving impulse to the
thousand considerations that reveal the soul. Souls who live in charity
propagate the apostolic fire of their consecration.

"DEAR FATHER, YOU EXAGGERATE because you ask too much!" Finally we come to
the truth! We are too cowardly to speak our reasons openly and we prefer, to
save face, to cover others with our sarcasm. Our vain evasions cannot last.
In the grave times in which we live, we must stifle these cowardly arguments
that sterilize our noblest impulses, and act in accordance with our honor as
baptized and confirmed men. Washed in the Blood of Christ, we are obliged by
our oaths. Our souls will find in our combats a grave joy, happiness. We
will know, indeed, that the forgetfulness of ourselves and our total
dedication to the establishment of the Reign of Christ are the keys for
eternal happiness. Soldiers of Christ by His Blood shed for us, called to be
engaged in a battle in which eternity is at stake, we will answer like
Samuel: "Speak, O Lord, your servant listens", and we will understand, then,
that there is no exaggeration for a soul that loves and knows that is

Sursum Corda

Fr. Yves le Roux
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- Matthew

Posted Nov 24, 2008, 3:04 pm
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spouse of Jesus

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those souls who say:dear Father you exaggerate" are those who say:"we prefer the rosy path of love and childlike trust,showing Jesus to the world by smiling at people,and not sinning against charity by telling them that they are demonized.we are not gloomy snobes we are humble and caring as don't want to scandalize people by saying scary things we want to spead the good and happy news of gosple by our cheerfulness"
and if they see a virile catholic ready to fight for God's sake,and mortifiying his body in order to keep it subject to his soul,if they see him with the holy swords of truth and holy ire ready to cut the head of enemy they say to him:"you are not a christian for a christian must carry roses and daisies not a should not read Sts.Alphonsus or John Vianney's books you should read the "introduction" by St.Fransis Desales.have charity,love and tenderness and be patient with sins of others and that of yourself"
or they tell him:"are you yourself sinless why don't you see the truck in your own eye?"
Don't trust this flag, I am not in UK.

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