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Traditional Catholic Faith
General Discussion
Chat with like-minded Catholics about anything. Member introductions, Catholic and world news, current events, jokes, and light conversation on any topic (especially topics unrelated to traditional Catholicism). No profanity or blasphemy.
8,350 78,936 There are no new posts in this forum. Slander and gossip
By Jaynek
Oct 22, 2014, 12:18 am
SSPX Resistance
ALL discussion of the softening of the SSPX (FSSPX, Society of St. Pius X) stance towards the Novus Ordo, modernist Rome, etc. belongs here. This includes Archbishop Lefebvre, Bishop Fellay, Bishop Williamson, Fr. Pfeiffer, departures, latest news, etc.
2,385 47,670 There are no new posts in this forum. ELEISON 379 - OCTOBER 18, 2014
By richard
Today, 10:58 pm
The Library
NO DISCUSSIONS ALLOWED HERE! Please post timeless documents, Catholic or secular, that have enduring importance as a reference. No news, time-sensitive material, or discussions allowed here. All posts here will/should be locked by the moderator.
528 941 There are no new posts in this forum. True devotion to Mary by St. Montfort
By Nishant
Yesterday, 5:13 am
Catholic Living in the Modern World
Traditional Catholics strive for sanctity in their daily lives. Practical advice and discussions of morality, sin, and perfection. How Catholic men and women cope with living in a post-Christian, neo-pagan world.
3,402 37,688 There are no new posts in this forum. What to Expect when youre Expecting - then an...
By Jehanne
Oct 22, 2014, 12:38 am
Health and Nutrition
Discuss food, health, nutrition, as well as disease prevention. Any health disorders can be discussed here.
657 6,314 There are no new posts in this forum. New Arthritis Treatment
By PerEvangelicaDicta
Today, 8:25 pm
The Sacred: Catholic Liturgy, Chant, Prayers
Anything pertaining to the Catholic Faith can be posted here: the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM), Tridentine Liturgy, Sacraments, Gregorian chant, traditional hymns and prayers. Prayer requests can also be made here.
2,188 11,094 There are no new posts in this forum. St Justin, Martyr
By poche
Today, 10:50 am
Computers and Technology
Computers, tablets, gizmos and gadgets. Some Traditional Catholics are really into them, even earning a living in this industry. Hey, it's a safe career for a Catholic! Discuss software, hardware, technical questions, etc.
51 374 There are no new posts in this forum. Mailinator: A Form of "Public Encryption" for...
By simoncarth
Yesterday, 1:32 pm
Art and Literature for Catholics
This is the forum for traditional Catholic artists, writers, poets, sculptors, painters, architects, singers, movie makers, etc. to discuss their trade! Also for Catholic discussion of art.
395 3,518 There are no new posts in this forum. looking for quotation from a saint
By shin
Oct 19, 2014, 10:12 am
Resistance Movement
Catholics resisting errors, conspiracies (Liberalism, Zionism, Freemasonry, Judeo-Masonry, Communism, Modernism) and evil men who conspire against mankind (Neo-cons, Bilderburgers, New World Order, Big Pharma, Media, Globalists, Bankers, and many Jews)
2,935 19,793 There are no new posts in this forum. THE EARTHMOVERS
By cassini
Today, 5:19 pm
Crisis in the Church
The crisis in the Catholic Church (since Vatican II): Discuss the Novus Ordo Mass, false ecumenism, modern apostasy, modern philosophy, New Theology, traditional movement, sedevacantism, SSPX, Indult, Bishop Williamson, etc.
4,729 77,797 There are no new posts in this forum. Church-In-Hiding
By stbruno
Oct 22, 2014, 12:52 am
World War III - Chapter I
A message board to discuss the Middle East conflict, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, USA, Russia, China, Pakistan, NATO, and all of today's news which history will consider as part of the topic, "World War III".
1,393 4,501 There are no new posts in this forum. WMDs in Iraq the real conspiracy!
By Traditional Guy 20
Oct 19, 2014, 1:57 am
The Greater Depression - Chapter I
Discuss the Greater Depression (Second Great Depression), or the coming economic collapse. This includes Peak Oil, the bursting of the Housing Bubble, US Dollar collapse, food shortages, survivalism, etc.
1,774 3,217 There are no new posts in this forum. Will Feudalism Return?
By Traditional Guy 20
Today, 10:48 pm
Politics and World Leaders
Anything about Obama, Democrats, Republicans, congress, senate, elections, party platforms, issues, or a famous leader in particular should go here.
686 4,318 There are no new posts in this forum. Obama a Psycho over Ebola says Trump
By Dolores
Today, 2:03 pm
The Catholic Bunker
Traditional Catholic bunker - share personal anecdotes, news stories of economic hardship, survivalist tips, rapid price increases, scarcity, outages, vandalism, foreclosures, job losses, etc. In Greater Depression of 2009, we need to share valuable info!
467 3,411 There are no new posts in this forum. Christian school downgraded for failing to in...
By Viva Cristo Rey
Today, 7:28 pm
Teen Catholic Hangout
All the younger Catholics (under 20) can post whatever they want in here. Posts that make you SEEM like a teenager (or younger!) should also be posted here. If you want to post something silly, here is the place. Please try to keep it Catholic friendly.
375 4,557 There are no new posts in this forum. The Alphabet Saints Game
By Cantarella
Today, 7:52 am
Anonymous Posts Allowed
Members can post here anonymously. If you want to post WITH your User Name, make sure to check the box next to "DO NOT post anonymously". NOTE: IP addresses are logged and can be viewed by the moderator (as usual).
1,236 18,923 There are no new posts in this forum. sedeplenist sedevacantist married couples?
By Guest
Today, 10:52 pm

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